A band of brothers, roaming space making it an unsafe place and looting coin everywhere we can. Hijacking cargo and ships, exploiting mercenary jobs or even hunting for other criminals. As long as we gain some coin, we're in. With ages ranging from 17 to 60+ and members from a lot of different time zones, we will be a formidable force that fellow travelers will steer far away from.

The idea is to create a our own private part of space which normal travelers will not dare to cross. A place where Vikings can look at their shiny new loot in peace.


Vikings is a guild where by default everyone is equal in rank in-game. No commanders or squad leaders who give you orders or daily tasks. You come online, check the communication channels and join a group or create on yourself. Of course you can also go solo, should you so desire. We have no rules about forum posts or how many times a week you have to be online to be a member. The only thing we ask is to play the game.

We use a system called Adhocracy. Removing the bureaucratic problems and giving us the opportunity to solve problems faster and get better results in the process. Groups will be created by members and for members to accomplish our goals.

Our interests within the game between members vary a lot. We have explorers, mercs, smugglers, traders and members who will go out pirate the trade lanes. We welcome all trades.



At the moment we do not allow members joining multiple guilds and we ask to keep Vikings as their main guild. We understand that some of our members like to have a second guild with some friends in it. At the final release (Persistent Universe) we will look at this problem and if no other solution has presented itself I’m sure we can find one together.

In the future it’s possible we will allow certain guilds acceptable to be an affiliate such as allied guilds and guilds who’s activities are 100% different from ours.